Automation Polish Shoe Machine

Automation Polish Shoe Machine Description

Name: Automation Polishes Shoe Machine
Color: Titanium/Stainless Steel
Voltage: 220V
Rotation rate: 800 r/min
Power Supply: AC220\50HZ
Packing: 4pcs/ctn
Ctn/Size: 370*225*350MM
Outside box N.W/G.W: 470*355*760MM

This shoes polisher adopting the economic motor of ultra-quiet and low power consumption. Its speed and torque power suit brushing shoes completely. The shoes brush was made of fine quality hair, softness and flexibility, no injury to shoes face.. Your shoes will be made clean very easy and completely.

1. Specialized and colorless shoe polish make the shoes face very beautiful, mould proof, anti-hardening, protecting the shoe lerther.
2. Adopting the international advanced infrared remote sensing technology. Its anti-jamming ability is extra-strong. You only need to hold out your feet after connecting the power.
 3. It only takes you few minutes to make clean your shoes. After wiping ash, oiling and brushing, the shoes face is bright as new, and the shoes sides are very clean. Keeping the shoes clean at any time.
4. Setting the automatic sleeping appliance inside. Induced turn on, the power consumption is almost zero when it sleep.

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