Cash flow game of life

1 reflects our cash flow the game of life

Cash flow The game also contains a lot of life and money-related content, such as children, divorce, unemployment, bankruptcy, philanthropy, tax audits, lawsuits and so on. In the game, we can clearly see the close relationship between content and money.

While the cash flow of the game rules is not necessarily completely consistent with reality, but from another perspective, reflects the relationship between life and money, so this game will not only allow you to learn the knowledge about money, but also allows you to learn life knowledge.

2. Money can not make you rich

Cash flow the game’s biggest feature is to allow you to see the money and money rules, when the game starts, we get a different number of “money”, with life after the rest of the money to be spending money in the game. At this time you will find the money just has some special meaning “paper” only, it does not make you rich. To escape from the “rat race” and rely on your hands does not make you money even amount of money into the rich state. Play this game, you can more clearly understand this.

When you are in the “rat race”, when you will not earn any money, you can even earn lot of money, but money can not make you rich, because you do not have assets, of course, no assets to bring you the money, you All the money from your wages, when you do not work when you get nothing.

The real wealth is dynamic, is the cash flow stream to flow in your pocket. To achieve this, you have to start small-scale investments continue to create your assets, then assets to bring money to create more assets. When more and more of your money, you may not be rich, because your money might come from your pay. And when more and more of your assets when you must be rich, because your money comes from part of your assets, whether these assets are real estate, business, or “paper” assets such as: stocks, manuscripts, deposits and so on.

So remember: Cash flow is the most important game to teach us how to build our assets, rather than earning more money so that we rich, because money can not make you rich.

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