Jan 11

What are the Air Conditioner Compressors?

Air conditioner compressors play an important role on the compression driver in the circuit of air conditioner refrigerant.

The working circuit of air conditioner compressors can be divided into evaporation zone (low pressure area) and condensing zone (high pressure area). The indoor set of air conditioner belongs to the high pressure zone while the outdoor set belongs to the low pressure area (depend on the work of the state).

Air conditioner compressors are usually installed in the outdoor unit. Air conditioner compressors drawn the refrigerant from the low pressure area to high pressure area; after cooling condensation, gives heat through the heat sink to the air; the refrigerant can be from gas into liquid, when the pressure increasing. Then refrigerant flows from the high pressure zone area to low pressure zone, into the evaporator of air conditioner compressors through the capillary; the pressure will sudden drop, and liquid refrigerant immediately get into a gaseous state, through the heat sink absorbs a lot of heat in the air.

Thus, air conditioner compressors will be constantly working to keep absorbing heat of low pressure into refrigerant, then sending into high pressure area to come out atmosphere, finally playing the role of temperature regulation.

Air conditioner compressors are the heart of the refrigerating system, whether it is air conditioner, cold storage, refrigeration processes, and chemical conditions must use the air conditioner compressors to do this important security.

Jan 10

The Extensive Application of TPU Film

TPU film is a film made of TPU solid particles. With some additives, the TPU solid particles as the main raw materials, overcome many difficulties such as the traditional processing methods (such as rolling forming), finally use a calendar and a series of devices to produce patented products TPU film leather. The TPU film leather fabric is contained with woven impregnation.

Then, let’s introduce features of TPU film.

TPU film has characteristics of breathability, hardy, twists and turn resistance, good flexibility and good sense of leather.

TPU film has advantages of low temperature resistance, anti-wear, corrosion resistance, water resistance, environmental protection, and auto-degradation and so on.

As some performance of TPU film is very good, so that they can replace true leather to make kinds of leather products. For example, TPU film is a new kind of environmental material, which is widely used for leather shoes. At present, TPU film shoes, TPU inflatable film, TPU film bags and other products have been widely applied.

Dec 29

What Are the Advantages of Alloy Wheels?

Why people say that alloy wheels can be better than the steel wheels, and which are the advantages of alloy wheels? Organic beef get some from the follow sentences.
Aluminum has some natural advantages:
* Better heat dissipation;
* Greater strength
and more harder deformed
* Lighter and fuel efficient
Firstly, 4 alloy wheels
is able to reduce the weight about 20KG-30KG. Secondly, to small cars, alloy wheels can help cars save about 100 km 0.2 ¡§C 0.3 in the fuel consumption. And the fourth ale antioxidant capacity is stronger and also the life of alloy wheels is longer.

Fifthly, the asking price of alloy wheels is more expensive such around 500-800 in contrast to iron wheels own same size. For example, the price of 15 inch iron wheel is 500 Yuan, as the same size alloy wheel is all about 800 Yuan. According to shape and manufacturing process, top grade car alloy wheels (aluminum alloy forging) may differ quite a lot and the luxury cars will never use the iron wheel. As an example, the stripes of BMW730 alloy wheels are relatively thick, easy manufacturing process. BMW745 alloy wheels standard for the thin multi-stripe.

Dec 29

How to Choose Good Audi Alloy Rims?

In recent years, Audi alloy rims are in popularity, because they has the quality with its small, fuel-efficient, high resistance to deformation, decrease in power a small car, good heat dissipation. Objectively speaking, Audi alloy rim even offers many shortcomings. For example, the aluminum material is just too brittle to small cracks. What?¡¥s more, the strength of Audi alloy rims isn?¡¥t stronger compared to steel wheel rims of steel high, as well as relatively high price, everybody in the purchase Audi alloy rims and maintenance still really need to consider the following advice.

First, go through the paint brightness of Audi alloy wheels. The finish of good quality Audi alloy rims is often a vivid pure, while low-quality paint rims look bleak.

Second, evaluate if the pinholes and cracks. If there’s a small pinhole or crack on the outside or within the circle Audi alloy rims, it dictates there presently exists some problems in the Audi alloy rims manufacturing process. Touch along with your fingers to see whether is definitely the surface smooth, which a sign to discriminate Audi alloy rims?¡¥ quality is.

Third, consider the structure of Audi alloy wheels. The Audi alloy rims with complex and diverse structure is much more beautiful, but in the cleaning and maintenance it makes you a headache.

Fourth, go through the size of Audi alloy rims. Someone blindly boost the Audi alloy rims to raise vehicle performance. Increase the rim size is able to reduce the vehicle?¡¥s lateral really swing, but it will also reduce its damping capacity, easy to damage the tires.

Dec 28

The Performance Introduction about Reducing Tee

The following is a performance description of reducing tee to help you choose the right products.

Reducing Tee Features:

1,reducing tee is for the same material system with all the specifications of SDR-foot pipe connection.

2, reducing tee is for different brands of the similar materials (with different density and melt flow index, different colors) of the pipe and pipe connections.

3, reducing tee has reliable connectivity, interface strength, airtight performance, and stable welding performance.

4, the embedded spiral heating wires of reducing tee have effective anti-oxidation and corrosion, ensuring the stability of welding performance.

5, reducing tee is not easily affected by environmental temperature changes and human factors.

6, simple welding process, easy operation makes easy construction.

7, the reducing tee has low equipment investment and maintenance costs.

The processing methods of reducing tee is adapt to different specifications of the pipelines. The special processing equipment of reducing tee has simple structure, low cost, manufacturing; reducing tee fittings do not need other injection molding machine and injection mold, reducing the production costs of such tube and improving production efficiency.

In addition, the parameters of reducing tee are as follows:

Material: 301,202,304,316,316 L

The reducing tees are widely used in chemical, petroleum, power, pharmaceuticals, beer, dairy beverage, cosmetics and engineering support, industrial piping and other fields.

Dec 27

The Shutdown of Portable Gasoline Generators

1. The steps to shutdown the portable gasoline generators

(1) First, turn off the load of portable gasoline generators, then switch off the generator output.

(2) Afrer 2-3 minutes no-load operation, turn off the start switch to the STOP position.

(3) Off the fuel switch of portable gasoline generators to STOP position.

The notes of shutdown the portable gasoline generators:

If you do not use portable gasoline generators for a long time, follow the next methods shutdown the generator:

(1) First, turn off the fuel of portable gasoline generators to the OFF position.

(2) Allow portable gasoline generators continued operation until they are automatically shut down until the fuel run out.

(3) When shut down the portable gasoline generators, turn the start switch to the STOP position.

(4) Turn the key to the STOP position when you do not use portable gasoline generators. As in the ON position, the battery will power the battery valve for a long time, resulting in loss of battery power and can not start the portable gasoline generators.

All these shutdown methods can avoid residual fuel carburetor without the prolonged deterioration, clogging the carburetor, causing the failed start of portable gasoline generators.

Dec 23

The Advantages and Characteristics of Ultraviolet Sterilizers

The advantages of Ultraviolet Sterilizers are as follows:

1, ultraviolet sterilizers have high efficiency sterilization: the sterilization of UV generally can reach to 99% -99.9% of the sterilization rate on bacteria, viruses in one to two seconds.

2, ultraviolet sterilizers have broad-spectrum bactericidal efficiency: the broad-spectrum of ultraviolet sterilization is the highest, which almost can efficiently kill all bacteria, viruses.

3, ultraviolet sterilizers have no secondary pollution: UV disinfection does not add any chemicals, so it will not produce secondary pollution in water and surrounding environment. The ultraviolet water sterilizers will not change any ingredients.

4, ultraviolet sterilizers are safe and reliable: the traditional disinfection techniques such as use of chloride or ozone, whose disinfectants are highly toxic, flammable substances. The ultraviolet water sterilizers have no such security risks.

5, ultraviolet sterilizers have lower costs and operation and maintenance costs

Now, here are some characteristics of ultraviolet sterilizers’ equipment.

1, ultraviolet sterilizers select highly efficient UV-C (LL or LH) UV lamps.

Use the world’s leading high-strength low-pressure UV lamps, whose lamp life is 8000-10000 hours.

2, ultraviolet sterilizers select quartz tube with high transparency, high purity, ensuring the ultraviolet rays reach more than 90%.

3, ultraviolet sterilizers use advanced, high-intensity UV special ballast, to ensure that the entire system be normal operation in a complex case.

4, ultraviolet sterilizers select the high quality 304 stainless steel tubes making lights, and lamps for special polished cylinder wall, to improve the sterilization effect and never rust.

Dec 23

The Classfication of Electric City Bike

1. The common structure of the Electric City Bike

Most Electric City Bikes use hub motor to directly drive the front or rear wheel spinning. The wheel motor has different output speed which match with different diameter wheels respectively. It is the theory of starting Electric City Bike, the speed of driving vehicle traveling can up to 20km/h. Although the shape of Electric City Bicycle and battery installation location are different, the existence of common drive and control theory is similar. Such Electric City Bike is the mainstream Electric City Bike products.

2. The special structure of Electric City Bike

There are few Electric City Bike which not use hub motor to drive wheel of Electric City Bicycle. These Electric City Bicycle with side hook or cylindrical motor, the motor home, motor friction tires. The weight of this kind of motor-driven Electric City Bike will be reduced  generally. And the efficiency of the motor is less efficient than that of wheel. The general mileage of these Electric City Bike is shorter 5% -10% than the wheel-type vehicle continues if the battery power in the same circumstances.

Dec 22

How to replace the valve seat and sealing element

As machinery products, after long time use, there will be some problems of ball valves. If there are problems appeared on valve sear or sealing element, then how to replace them?

  1. First of all, you need to dismantle them.

Keep the ball valves in a state of half-opened, then clean and eliminated the dangerous materials may existed in or outsider the valves. Then next, close the ball valves, and take down the connecting bolt and nut. Dismantle the actuating device according to follow orders – executive body, attachment bracket, gasket used to prevent loose, valve-stem nut, butterfly shrapnel, glam, wear plate, and valve rod padding. Next step is to dismantle the connecting screw and nut of body cover, separate the valve cover and valve body. Then ensure the ball is in the state of turn-off, take out the valve seat.

During the dismantling, be careful to avoid the scratch on valve rod surface and sealing part.

  1. reassemble the ball valves

First clean and check the components which have been dismantled, I recommend you to replace the valve seat and other sealing components. During the assembling, do follow the order which is opposite of dismantling. Use the specified torsion to lock the connecting bolt of flange and valve-stem nuts. After assembled the executive body, make the valve to the state of open or close.

During the dismantling and assembling of ball valves, you should be careful to avoid scratch.

Dec 22

Classifications of plastic extruder

The development of plastic extruder is a long history. The machine in nowadays has a large demand. In order to meet the market demand, with the development of technology, plastic extruder has been developed to various kinds.

According to the quantity of screws, the plastic extruder can divided into single screw extruder, twin-screws extruder, multi-screws extruder and non-screws extruder and so on. The single screw plastic extruder is most extensively used at present; it is suiting in the extrusion processing of general materials. Twin-screws plastic extruder also has an important function in the market owing to its various advantages. The advantages of twin-screws extruder are followed: the quantity of heat caused by friction is less, the cut of materials is relatively uniform, the deliver ability of screw is large, the extrusion quantity is relatively stable, the stay time of materials in the cylinder is long and the mixing is uniform.

The single screw plastic extruder occupies an important place whether it is regarded as Plasticizing granulation machinery or Processing machinery. In recent years, single screw extruder has a large development. The twin-screws plastic extruder has the better funticons of mixing, exhausting and self-cleaning. On the basic of twin-screws extruder, the multi-screws plastic extruder is appeared in order to process the blending materials which has bad heat stability.

Different types of plastic extruder can meet different processing, to produce the plastic productions can meet the requirements.