How to Build A Magnetic Motor

More and more people are wondering how to build a magnetic motor as they seek energy independence and a cheaper alternative to state controlled standard domestic energy sources.

What Is A Magnetic Motor?

A magnetic motor is a device that unlocks the intrinsic potential of magnets to provide what is known as “free energy”.

The magnets need a small push or other input of energy to get started but after this they can run forever except when they need to be turned off for maintenance.
They can run forever because more energy is created than would otherwise be lost through friction and other losses.

A machine that can run forever despite friction is also a free energy machine and therefore an unlimited energy source. This energy can be used to power the appliances in your house if you wish, as well as all your other energy needs.

Why Can’t I Buy One?

There is currently no major commercial application of this technology available in the market although several companies have fully working prototypes and are in the final stages of bringing their product to market.

Also, most of these proposed commercial applications are on an industrial scale and not designed for domestic use.

Finally, despite these promising commercial projects, most research and development in this exciting field has been suppressed by governments and other competing interests such as large corporations. A domestic device that you can buy in a store is a long way off but there is an alternative option.

DIY Magnetic Motor

Ultimately, not only is the magnetic motor a very easy and simple to understand concept but it is also quite easy to construct one yourself.

The basic magnetic motor consists of no more than some specialised magnets and some custom made parts. None of the materials are particularly exotic and all can be obtained from regular hardware and electronics stores.

Some specialised tools may be needed to fabricate some of the parts. It is helpful if you have access to a workshop.

The best way to make such a motor yourself is to use a set of well-tested and accurate plans. Some hobbyists prefer to learn as they go along without the use of plans but this is likely to lead to delays and a lot of testing before the motor is finally ready. You can avoid all this by using a good set of detailed diagrams that clearly show you, step by step, what you need to do.

DIY Magnetic Generator

Sailing against the wind of opposition, as you might imagine it is incredibly difficult to raise funds for research and development into magnetic generator technologies. However, there is a global community of enthusiasts who are making their own magnetic motors/generators at home.

With a few basic materials and some simple tools, anyone can make their own magnetic generator at home and use it to power several electric appliances. Even when the first commercial application of the magnetic motor comes to market, I expect that making your own at home will still be the most cost effective way to access this incredible energy source for many years to come.

Where To Get The Materials

The basic magnetic motor generator is nothing more than a few common electrical components, a set of magnets of a specific type, copper wiring and lead acid batteries. These can all be purchased locally or over the internet without any fuss.

Construction And Assembly

With the right materials and tools the actual construction and assembly of your motor is a cinch. You don’t need a degree in electronics to figure out how to do this.
As with anything, the best approach to take is to follow someone else’s lead. For a very small fee there are a number of experts on the internet who will sell you their tried and tested diagrammatical plans that show you exactly how to recreate an exact replica of a fully working magnetic motor.

Off The Grid

The great thing about generating your own electricity is that you no longer have to rely on being connected to the grid.

Who knows what the years ahead will bring us? Most of us are used to enjoying an uninterrupted electrical supply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But will this continue forever? What would you or most people do if your supply was suddenly snatched away from you?

By generating your own electricity you can eliminate all your worries in this regard and you can finally enjoy an immense sense of freedom from no longer having to rely on others to safeguard the needs of you and your family.

Make Money From The Grid

Another idea is to simply sell your excess electricity back to the grid. It is doubtful that you will use up all the electrical energy that you generate from the motor. So why not sell some back to the grid and make some cash out of it?

In fact, many countries will pay you not just for the electricity you sell to the grid but also for anything that you use yourself. The way they see it is that even if you only make your own electricity and don’t sell any excess then you are still placing less demand on existing power stations and also reducing your carbon footprint.


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