Information about China’s Conveyor Belt

Rubber conveyor belt is widely used in large coal mine, a large open-air metal mining, port and thermal power, steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, chemicals, food and other industries.

Rubber conveyor belt is modern logistics industry and indispensable modern technical equipment. Early 80s of last century, China’s rubber conveyor belt industry can only produce TD75 type rubber conveyor belt. Cotton canvas conveyor belt which can meet the matching requirement, but it was in the national key projects conveyor belt products have been imported from abroad. Mid-80s, my belt industry began to introduce advanced foreign technology and conveyor belt manufacturing equipment, design and manufacturing level has substantially improved, and gradually replaces imported products. In recent years, the whole belt has reached the international advanced level, in addition to construction projects to meet domestic demand, export volume has already begun. The design and manufacturing capabilities, product performance of conveyor belt and product quality has been recognized by the international market. The conveyor belt as the bearer and traction components is one of the main components of belt conveyor.

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