Magnetic Flow Meter

Basic principle:

When a flowing conducting fluid is subjected to some transverse magnetic field, the flowing conducting fluid cuts the magnetic area and delivers about a voltage for getting induced. This induced voltage is proportional for that fluid velocity, that is, flow rate.


The principal components with this instrument are as follows:

A conducting fluid is flowing through a non-magnetic and non-conducting pipe, whose flow pace is for getting measured.

Two electrodes are attached in opposite sides of pipe carrying the conducting fluid. These electrodes are in make contact with using the flowing conducting fluid.

The pipe is surrounded by an electromagnet which produces which produces a magnetic field.


This magnetic flow meter is dependent on Faraday’s law of induced voltage which could be supplied as follows,

E equals BLV


E equals induced voltage(volts)
B equals flux density (Gauss)
L equals period of conductor that will possible be the diameter using the pipe (cm)
V equals common velocity of conductor (fluid) in cm/sec

When the conducting fluid flows through the pipe which could be subjected to some magnetic field, the conducting fluid cuts the magnetic area and on account with this a voltage is induced. since the magnetic area is constant, voltage obtained throughout the electrodes will possible be straight proportional t common fluid velocity and diameter (length) and therefore gets a determine of amount flow rate.


Used to determine flow prices of conducting fluids.
Used to determine flow prices of slurry, corrosive and abrasive fluids.
Magnetic flow meter is utilized to determine bidirectional flows by reversing connections which could possibly be carried out automatically.


These meters do not take about obstruction to flow and therefore take about no stress drop.
For measurements, it does not issue whether or not the flow is laminar or turbulent.
It provides precise results.
Its reliability is high, that is, it provides a conventional ability for an elongated period of your time of time.
It can look after greasy provides and fluids that contains suspended solids.
The measurement is impartial of viscosity, density, temperatures and pressure.


The fluid whose flow pace is for getting measured really should satisfy particular conduction conditions.
The fluid ought for getting entire regardless of the simple fact that in the pipe to acquire precise results.
Air and fuel bubbles regardless of the simple fact that in the fluid will require about errors. With particular fluids, the electrodes may get coated with scales and also this could effect the output signal. However, this could possibly be used remedy away by cleanup the electrodes.

In lots of cases, the output voltage is reduce and therefore demands amplification.

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