MONO Crystalline Silicon Solar Panel

MONO Crystalline Silicon Solar Panel Description

Payment & Shipping Terms
Payment Term: T/T
MOQ: 100 Piece/Pieces
Means of Transport: Ocean
Supply Capacity
Production Capacity: 10,000pcs
Packing: neutral
Delivery Date: 15days
Mono-crystalline Silicon Panel

Maximum Power(Wp) Efficiency Maximum Power Voltage Maximum Power Current Open Circuit Voltage Short Circuit Voltage Weight Dimention
240W/48V 17% 48.1V 4.99A 59.3V 5.4A 22KG 1602*1060*50mm
230W/48V 16.50% 47.5V 4.84A 58.8V 5.2A
220W/48V 16% 46.9V 4.69A 58.3V 5.1A
210W/36V 15% 34.6V 6.07A 42.8V 6.6A
200W/36V 14% 34.2V 5.85A 41.8V 6.4A
190W/36V 17.50% 36.3V 5.24A 44.6V 5.7A 15.5KG 1580*808*50mm
185W/36V 17% 36.2V 5.12A 44.5V 5.6A
180W/36V 17.00% 36.1V 4.99A 44.5V 5.4A
170W/36V 16% 35.5V 4.79A 44.1V 5.19A
160W/36V 15% 35.1V 4.56A 43.6V 5.02A
150W/36V 14% 34.6V 4.34A 42.5V 4.8A
135W/18V 17% 17.8V 7.59A 21.8V 8.3A 13KG 1217*808*35mm
130W/18V 16.50% 17.6V 7.39A 21.6V 8.05A
125W/18V 16% 17.3V 7.23A 21.5V 7.9A
120W/18V 15% 17.2V 6.98A 21.5V 7.6A
115W/18V 16.50% 17.6V 6.54A 21.6V 7.06A 11KG 1580*542*35mm
110W/18V 15.50% 17.3V 6.36A 21.5V 6.93A
100W/18V 14.50% 17.1V 5.85A 21.5V 6.42A
90W/18V 13% 17.0V 5.3A 21.4V 5.83A
90W/18V 17% 18.0V 5.0A 21.8V 5.4A 7.8KG 1197*542*35mm
85W/18V 16% 17.6V 4.83A 21.6V 5.3A
80W/18V 15% 17.5V 4.58A 21.6V 4.9A
75W/18V 14% 17.3V 4.34A 21.5V 4.7A
70W/18V 13.50% 17.1V 4.1A 21.4V 4.5A
60W/18V 12% 17.0V 3.53A 21.4V 3.9A
60W/18V 17% 17.8V 3.38A 21.8V 3.68A 4.8KG 810*542*35mm
55W/18V 16% 17.6V 3.13A 21.6V 3.4A
50W/18V 14.50% 17.3V 2.9A 21.5V 3.2A
45W/18V 13% 17.0V 2.65A 21.4V 2.9A
40W/18V 11.50% 16.5V 2.43A 21.4V 2.7A
45W/18V 17% 17.8V 2.53A 21.8V 2.78A 3.8KG 630*542*28mm
40W/18V 15% 17.5V 2.29A 21.5V 2.5A
35W/18V 13.50% 17.1V 2.05A 21.4V 2.25A
30W/18V 11.50% 16.5V 1.82A 21.4V 2.0A
30W/18V 17% 17.8V 1.69A 21.8V 1.85A 2.8KG 450*542*28mm
25W/18V 14% 17.3V 1.45A 21.5V 1.6A
20W/18V 11.50% 16.5V 1.22A 21.4V 1.35A
20W/18V 15% 17.5V 1.15A 21.5V 1.26A 2KG 630*292*28mm
15W/18V 11.50% 16.5V 0.91A 21.4V 1.0A
15W/18V 17% 17.8V 0.85A 21.8V 0.93A 1.8KG 445*289*17mm
12W/18V 13.50% 17.1V 0.702A 21.4V 0.78A
10W/18V 11.50% 16.5V 0.61A 21.4V 0.67A
10W/18V 15.50% 17.6V 0.57A 21.6V 0.62A 1.6KG 445*289*17mm
8W/18V 12.50% 17.0V 0.47A 21.5V 0.52A
6W/18V 15% 17.5V 0.35A 21.5V 0.38A 1.2KG 364*289*17mm
5W/18V 13.50% 17.1V 0.3A 21.4V 0.33A
4W/9V 17.20% 8.7V 0.46A 10.8V 0.5A 0.7KG 230*153*17mm
3W/9V 15% 8.5V 0.36A 10.6V 0.39A
2.5W/9V 13.50% 8.4V 0.3A 10.5V 0.33A
2.5W/9V 15% 8.5V 0.295A 10.6V 0.32A 0.5KG 180*153*17mm

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