Operation orders of baby diaper machine

The operation of baby diaper machine is very complex, though baby diaper is just a slice one. So follow the operation orders to produce diaper efficiently and avoid the accident.

  1. Before operate the baby diaper machine, ensure that all preparations have been done well and ensure that every operator is safe and has done preparations.
  2. After prepared everything about baby diaper machine, be sure the “assisted motor control” menu on master control panel is at the state of “Automatic Mode”, then press button of “Trumpet start”. After you heard the trumpet’s sound, press the button of “Auxiliary Engine Start”, the light is lit and you can hear trumpet’s sound, it means that auxiliary engine has started.
  3. Ensure the auxiliary engine of baby diaper machine has started, then you check whether the displayed model is conform to produce model, ensure the menus of “Glue gun electromagnetic valve”, “Gum machine motor control”, “knife control” are at the automatic state, ensure there are no breakdowns of machine and ensure everyone is on his place.
  4. Press the button of “trumpet start” on baby diaper machine, and then press the “machine start” after several sounds. After the light is lit, the machine will operate with the speed of 10pieces/min. press the “machine speed up” to speed up the machine as 30pieces/min. the checkers should check the first product, if there is problem, then he should notice other operators to adjust.
  5. Ensure the product is qualified, and then notice operators of master control panel slow down the speed to rated speed. If there is problem, notice the related operators to adjust. And notice the operators of row slice machine to prepare.
  6. The products made by this baby diaper machine are qualified, and then the row slice machine operators put the products into the machine and formally put into production.

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