Perendev Magnetic Motor

Perendev is genuinely a institution run by Michael Brady who statements to possess built a magnetic engine capable of producing electrical power with out any exterior input of energy.

A Perendev magnetic engine utilizes the components of magnets to attract opposite poles and repel comparable poles to acquire perpetual spin movement and eventually create electricity. within of a Perendev magnetic motor, the magnets are aligned in two rings (inner and outer) on this sort of the way in which how the inside ring spins because of alternating attraction and repulsion in between magnets. It does not need any exterior vitality to acquire founded in motion. The assessments achieved on Perendev magnetic motors greater than a time period show that in spite of ongoing operation from the motor, the magnetic power of magnets does not decrease.

Perendev magnetic generator arrives in a few of models:

100 KW: This product is capable of producing generators that run on fossil fuels completely obsolete. It could possibly be utilized like a static energy unit for use in tiny places of work and homes.
300KW: This product is produced to provide vitality to large spaces.

Both the designs arrive acquiring a 5 twelve weeks conditional guarantee.

The Perendev magnetic engine features because of the simple fact the rotor magnets are sealed within of a metal casing. This strengthens the magnet and assists in isolation from the magnetic area on the best and bottom in which the seal is not present. The magnetic force is strongest in between the best magnets inside the rotor as well as the stator. The metal does not get attracted in the direction of stators because of the simple fact possibly the magnets inside the stator are also sealed.

Perendev magnetic generators are in no way marketed but only leased out to safe shield the engineering utilized in developing them. every solitary engine is equipped acquiring a dark Box that assists the institution keep track of the movements from the magnetic motor.

You can reduce straight down your electrical power cost appreciably by installing a Perendev magnetic engine at your residence or office.

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