Rich and poor in seven different

Of course, we know the rich as Bill Gates is not the world’s top billionaires, according to the U.S. $ 1 million net assets of the family can be rich, then, for many people, should be an expected and availability goals. So, the rich and the poor in the end there where different?

First, the rich believe themselves in the creation of their own lives, while the poor are often fatalistic and even complaining. Many successful wealthy people left the deepest impression is creative, do not yield to his fate, whether in the accumulation of wealth is still on the journey of life, successful people are often able to control their own destiny. They believe that only by better life for themselves, to control the future of life in their own hands, rather than relying on the economy is good or bad, or the amount of knowledge and even luck. The poor? Their fate will often sigh, that even when I was not complaining about the poor environment. When they do business fails, they will blame the economic downturn because employees do not work hard, do not support their families, but most do not want to find the reasons from their own. If you want to be rich, one must realize in the heart of the change can only rely on their own fate, rather than relying on others and outside factors.

Second, the rich play money game’s objective is to win, the poor play money game to not lose the purpose, which is rich and the poor in the financial wisdom of investing the largest difference. Many people invest in U.S. stocks, most of the stock investor’s mind is do not lose money, but lost money after the biggest wish is to paid with the money back, this mentality hinders investors in the stock market on creativity, And do not lose money in their own limited circle. And the rich think about how the investment is the least amount of money more money, they will be more on how to make money from the investment perspective, not as the first target will not lose money.

Third, in the face of difficulties and problems, the rich want the opportunity to consider the barriers to the poor. Life, whether money or a successful career, will face problems and challenges. The rich will focus on how to solve the problem and find this negative situation to turn. While the poor tend to believe that the fate of the poor, had thought was just lucky to even this threshold. Mentality is not the same, the results would be different. China’s famous TV series “Big Family”, “Qiao Jia Da Yuan” and describing the struggle of the Chinese businessman is actually talking about the story is the truth.

Fourth, the rich have a big dream, the poor have a small dream. Everyone has a dream, but why some people can realize their dreams, while others can only dream of being immersed in? There is no secret, the key is to look at what a person’s pursuit. When a child said it would earn $ 1 million in time, some parents think their children are not realistic, as long as the work to find a decent income, life will naturally flies good. In the eyes of the poor, the rich are greedy, because they make money has never been afraid of much. But if a person did not desire to make big money, he will become rich very low probability.

Fifth, the rich will be committed to time to achieve their dreams, and dreams of the poor just stay in the dream stage. If a person has a dream to become rich, but not step by step from scratch and build wealth, and that his life would be difficult to become rich. Many poor people also like to open a luxury car, but their income but can not afford such a car, they are more likely to say, I can not afford money, but they rarely think about ways to increase their income. In the U.S. there are many poor people depend on government food stamp recipients to live, so they would rather not like to find work, or play a double work to improve their income. Years later, they still live affluent lives, while money is still in the maintenance of life.

Sixth, good to learn from others the rich, the poor does not deign to learn from others. Many rich people get rich from others can be inspired, but the poor tend to believe that the rich get rich by not apply to them. If a person is not good at learning good things, he would not be successful.

Seventh, how to manage money, the rich value of money in the effectiveness of the management. Rich in money management is a clear common ground that the consumer can not exceed the income, and saved up money for investment. If a person can effectively manage their money, saving, and reasonably efficient investment, a little bit of his wealth will increase, while those who are good at managing money than the last naturally good at managing money for wealthy people. Second, the poor make money mainly for consumption, while most of the rich to make money to invest. The rich will be money as capital to invest in to value-added projects, such as real estate, gold or other valuable assets. The poor as a means for the consumer money, they tend to spend money on items that depreciate, such as cars, television sets above.

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  1. I saw a lot of website but I think this one contains something extra in it. “Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.” by William James.

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