The Advantages and Characteristics of Ultraviolet Sterilizers

The advantages of Ultraviolet Sterilizers are as follows:

1, ultraviolet sterilizers have high efficiency sterilization: the sterilization of UV generally can reach to 99% -99.9% of the sterilization rate on bacteria, viruses in one to two seconds.

2, ultraviolet sterilizers have broad-spectrum bactericidal efficiency: the broad-spectrum of ultraviolet sterilization is the highest, which almost can efficiently kill all bacteria, viruses.

3, ultraviolet sterilizers have no secondary pollution: UV disinfection does not add any chemicals, so it will not produce secondary pollution in water and surrounding environment. The ultraviolet water sterilizers will not change any ingredients.

4, ultraviolet sterilizers are safe and reliable: the traditional disinfection techniques such as use of chloride or ozone, whose disinfectants are highly toxic, flammable substances. The ultraviolet water sterilizers have no such security risks.

5, ultraviolet sterilizers have lower costs and operation and maintenance costs

Now, here are some characteristics of ultraviolet sterilizers’ equipment.

1, ultraviolet sterilizers select highly efficient UV-C (LL or LH) UV lamps.

Use the world’s leading high-strength low-pressure UV lamps, whose lamp life is 8000-10000 hours.

2, ultraviolet sterilizers select quartz tube with high transparency, high purity, ensuring the ultraviolet rays reach more than 90%.

3, ultraviolet sterilizers use advanced, high-intensity UV special ballast, to ensure that the entire system be normal operation in a complex case.

4, ultraviolet sterilizers select the high quality 304 stainless steel tubes making lights, and lamps for special polished cylinder wall, to improve the sterilization effect and never rust.

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