The Basic Structure of Cummins Generators

The basic structure of Cummins generators can be divided into rotating magnetic and rotating armature type. the energy issued by rotating armature winding is normally used to connection of brush and slip ring of generators. So this structure not easy connection of a high current, and prone to sparks and wear. This Cummins generators are mainly applies to a small volume, low-voltage AC generators.

The general structure of generators is alternator with rotating magnetic.

The pole of Cummins generators can be divided into salient pole structure type and implicitly pole. Salient pole rotor is cylindrical, the gap with air stator is uniform, there is no pole of salient pole Cummins generators. Salient pole has obvious rotor, south and the Arctic are white arrangement, the air gap with it is uneven, the air-gap arc of salient pole Cummins generators is very small, extremely large air gap between the parts.

Impact of rotor diameter by centrifugal force, there is a certain limit of Cummins generators. Salient pole generator are apply for high-speed structure; in order to increase capacity, it can only increase the length of the rotor. Salient generators are suitable for medium and low speed structure.


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