The Classfication of Electric City Bike

1. The common structure of the Electric City Bike

Most Electric City Bikes use hub motor to directly drive the front or rear wheel spinning. The wheel motor has different output speed which match with different diameter wheels respectively. It is the theory of starting Electric City Bike, the speed of driving vehicle traveling can up to 20km/h. Although the shape of Electric City Bicycle and battery installation location are different, the existence of common drive and control theory is similar. Such Electric City Bike is the mainstream Electric City Bike products.

2. The special structure of Electric City Bike

There are few Electric City Bike which not use hub motor to drive wheel of Electric City Bicycle. These Electric City Bicycle with side hook or cylindrical motor, the motor home, motor friction tires. The weight of this kind of motor-driven Electric City Bike will be reduced  generally. And the efficiency of the motor is less efficient than that of wheel. The general mileage of these Electric City Bike is shorter 5% -10% than the wheel-type vehicle continues if the battery power in the same circumstances.

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