The Extensive Application of TPU Film

TPU film is a film made of TPU solid particles. With some additives, the TPU solid particles as the main raw materials, overcome many difficulties such as the traditional processing methods (such as rolling forming), finally use a calendar and a series of devices to produce patented products TPU film leather. The TPU film leather fabric is contained with woven impregnation.

Then, let’s introduce features of TPU film.

TPU film has characteristics of breathability, hardy, twists and turn resistance, good flexibility and good sense of leather.

TPU film has advantages of low temperature resistance, anti-wear, corrosion resistance, water resistance, environmental protection, and auto-degradation and so on.

As some performance of TPU film is very good, so that they can replace true leather to make kinds of leather products. For example, TPU film is a new kind of environmental material, which is widely used for leather shoes. At present, TPU film shoes, TPU inflatable film, TPU film bags and other products have been widely applied.

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