The Performance Introduction about Reducing Tee

The following is a performance description of reducing tee to help you choose the right products.

Reducing Tee Features:

1,reducing tee is for the same material system with all the specifications of SDR-foot pipe connection.

2, reducing tee is for different brands of the similar materials (with different density and melt flow index, different colors) of the pipe and pipe connections.

3, reducing tee has reliable connectivity, interface strength, airtight performance, and stable welding performance.

4, the embedded spiral heating wires of reducing tee have effective anti-oxidation and corrosion, ensuring the stability of welding performance.

5, reducing tee is not easily affected by environmental temperature changes and human factors.

6, simple welding process, easy operation makes easy construction.

7, the reducing tee has low equipment investment and maintenance costs.

The processing methods of reducing tee is adapt to different specifications of the pipelines. The special processing equipment of reducing tee has simple structure, low cost, manufacturing; reducing tee fittings do not need other injection molding machine and injection mold, reducing the production costs of such tube and improving production efficiency.

In addition, the parameters of reducing tee are as follows:

Material: 301,202,304,316,316 L

The reducing tees are widely used in chemical, petroleum, power, pharmaceuticals, beer, dairy beverage, cosmetics and engineering support, industrial piping and other fields.

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