The Structure and Measurement of Vw rims Bolt Hole

First of all, let’s talk about the structure of the vw rims screw. If you want to fix the vw rims on the vehicle, you need to fix the rims on the vw wheels extending from the brake. The common screw you will see 4, 5 and 6 screw holes when you choose the vw rims. Most of the sports car will use the 4 or 5 screw holes, while the jeep is a 6 screw.

The distance between the screw holes and screw holes are different in vw rims. More extensive use of several currently has: 4×100, 4×114.3, 5×100, 5×114.3, 5×120, and so, they are necessary data of the vw rims. In these figures, the front one is the number of holes and the behind one is the distance between the screw holes and screw holes. For example, your original vw rims are 5×114.3, so your car can only be installed on this type of vw rims and vw wheels.

Second, how can you judge the parameter of vw rims such as center holes of vw rims? When you purchase vw rims, we should pay attention to the diameters of center holes. As different parts of the vehicle axle have different shapes and sizes, there are some relatively small middle holes, so that can not be guaranteed to install up.

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