What Are the Advantages of Alloy Wheels?

Why people say that alloy wheels can be better than the steel wheels, and which are the advantages of alloy wheels? Organic beef get some from the follow sentences.
Aluminum has some natural advantages:
* Better heat dissipation;
* Greater strength
and more harder deformed
* Lighter and fuel efficient
Firstly, 4 alloy wheels
is able to reduce the weight about 20KG-30KG. Secondly, to small cars, alloy wheels can help cars save about 100 km 0.2 ¡§C 0.3 in the fuel consumption. And the fourth ale antioxidant capacity is stronger and also the life of alloy wheels is longer.

Fifthly, the asking price of alloy wheels is more expensive such around 500-800 in contrast to iron wheels own same size. For example, the price of 15 inch iron wheel is 500 Yuan, as the same size alloy wheel is all about 800 Yuan. According to shape and manufacturing process, top grade car alloy wheels (aluminum alloy forging) may differ quite a lot and the luxury cars will never use the iron wheel. As an example, the stripes of BMW730 alloy wheels are relatively thick, easy manufacturing process. BMW745 alloy wheels standard for the thin multi-stripe.

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