What are the Air Conditioner Compressors?

Air conditioner compressors play an important role on the compression driver in the circuit of air conditioner refrigerant.

The working circuit of air conditioner compressors can be divided into evaporation zone (low pressure area) and condensing zone (high pressure area). The indoor set of air conditioner belongs to the high pressure zone while the outdoor set belongs to the low pressure area (depend on the work of the state).

Air conditioner compressors are usually installed in the outdoor unit. Air conditioner compressors drawn the refrigerant from the low pressure area to high pressure area; after cooling condensation, gives heat through the heat sink to the air; the refrigerant can be from gas into liquid, when the pressure increasing. Then refrigerant flows from the high pressure zone area to low pressure zone, into the evaporator of air conditioner compressors through the capillary; the pressure will sudden drop, and liquid refrigerant immediately get into a gaseous state, through the heat sink absorbs a lot of heat in the air.

Thus, air conditioner compressors will be constantly working to keep absorbing heat of low pressure into refrigerant, then sending into high pressure area to come out atmosphere, finally playing the role of temperature regulation.

Air conditioner compressors are the heart of the refrigerating system, whether it is air conditioner, cold storage, refrigeration processes, and chemical conditions must use the air conditioner compressors to do this important security.

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