What is the Magnetized Liquids

Magnetized water that was once a subject for ridicule has begun to get the respect it deserves universally. In Russia, France and the US water that is magnetized by passing through strong magnetic fields is used for industry, agriculture and medicine. The Volga Institute irrigates wide areas with magnetized water. This water increased the wheat crop by 28%, corn by 17%, cucumbers by 37% and tomatoes 32%. The results were so impressive that there is now a mass production line for magnetizing water. A similar effort is being done in Washington to increase trout fertility. In Russia, factories that use the steam of magnetized water report reduced lime deposits and experiments are being carried out in the textile industry to study the effect of magnetized water on colors.

Magnetic water influences blood circulation, in a study done in 1981, it was proved that magnetic fields affect the EEG (electroencephalogram). Low power changes in the T wave in the brain were registered and it seems that they were caused by the electric potential associated with blood circulation via magnetic fields. A number of studies exposed the body or large areas of it to external magnetic fields to influence blood flow in major blood vessels.

The lack of magnetic energy all over Israel and the very large amount of electro magnetic radiation from power lines, industrial and domestic instruments, it is now wonder that bio-electric fields surround our bodies and not as nature intended. Every deviation from the magnetic environment in which life began on Earth may be responsible for physical and emotional sickness. This problem is described by the Japanese scientist Kochi Nakagawa, “the magnetic lack syndrome”, He published an article in the Medical Journal where he described the syndrome and its treatment by magnets.

Dr. Nakagawa found that the power of the electro magnetic field (EMF) was reduced by 50% over the last 500 years and continues to shrink by 0.05% each year. He pointed to modern living with steel buildings, cars, trains, busses and planes all reduce the positive exposure of humans to electro magnetic fields. He concluded that the lack of this exposure and since the magnetic field of every human is directly connected to that of the Earth, a wide range of illnesses develop.

It is interesting to note that until the flood described in the book Genesis, man’s nutrition was vegetarian. After the flood, animal protein was added to his diet, is it possible that the electro magnetic field of the Earth changed somehow since then?

Bio magnetism passes through the human body via the circulatory system, the nervous and hormonal systems. Magnetism penetrates into every known particle including the atom. Its influence on living systems stems from the fact that magnetism is the very structure of life itself. Every known form of energy today has a basic electro magnetic field. Modern research shows that magnetism has a significant influence on humans. This is also mentioned by Dr. Robert Becker in his book “The Body Electric.”

Dr. H.L. Bansel points out that magnetism enhances the electric conductivity of the blood. A slight current passes through the blood and increases the ionic concentration. This ionized blood flows to all parts of the body and contributes to a more efficient blood flow and also balances out both high and low blood pressure.

In 1954, Dr. Linus Pauling received the Nobel Prize for his work on the magnetic properties of blood. Blood contains iron and serves as a conductor for oxygen and carbon dioxide when the blood flows n the lungs. The magnetized iron is able to carry more oxygen to cell tissue and collect more carbon dioxide back to the lungs for expulsion. The result is more energy and less fatigue while cells and internal organs balance out and are healthier.

Bio magnetism balances out the secretions from hormonal glands. Today it is believed that the increased electric current creates a net around the glands and hormonal passages. Larger concentrations of oxygen increase the hormone production while the electric “net” encourages optimal secretions. Hormones have an important role in general energy production. When blood flow is normal the hormones are distributed equally. When the magnetic flow passé through tissues a secondary flow is created around the main flow in the cells. Cell activity is strengthened as material exchange reacts to the bio magnetic current created by the magnetic flow. This magnetic flow helps tense muscles to relax and the material exchange helps the cells to get rid of pollutants and to enhance regeneration of new cells.

The negative polar energy of the magnet disturbs the ability of nerve cells to transmit pain messages to the brain area that registers pain. In the blood cell atom there is potassium having a +ve charge. The nerve cell is the opposite. In reaction to pain, the area around the atom changes to potassium with a +ve bio electric charge. According to the theory of gravity –ve polar charges of the magnet turns the bio electric charge of the potassium as a natural conductor in the direction of the –ve pole.

Effect of magnetized water on hair:

Aqua Soft Natural water treated with bio magnetic Hi Tech technology adds luster and beauty to hair with smaller quantities of ordinary shampoo. Women and hair dressers says “Fantastic, the hair becomes soft as silk, easier to comb and the scalp softer and less dry.” Top hair dressers claim that the scalp is softened, no more dryness and salt in the scalp.

Aqua Soft Natural is efficient against dandruff strengthens hair roots and prevents hair loss. The hair looks cleaner lustrous and full of life.

Effect of magnetized water on skin:

Aqua Soft Natural ® water reduces skin tension and gives it a silky softness. It also neutralizes odors and reduces itching in the skin and the eyes. Studies made in Israel with hard water usage Aqua Soft Natural ® bio magnetic treatment of boiler and home water systems reduce itching in the skin and eyes of babies and children caused by bathing with hard water.

It is possible to reduce the quantity of soap by half; you notice clearer water, no chlorine odor, no itchiness, no dry skin and a feel of softness in the water. There are many ways to treat the skin and body. Stress, body infections, dry skin, stretch marks after birth are just a few of the things that can be treated in this way.


Water contains all the minerals essential for the skin, the minerals help maintain body temperature, improve oxygen effects and nourish every body cell via the blood, help material exchange and even oil body joints. Magnetic water has been proven to be essential for skin care, health and beauty. See also its effect on the blood.

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